Praying in the Holy Spirit

Growing up as a Christian I have always wondered what the Bible meant by “Praying in the Holy Spirit” . I was under the impression that Speaking in Tongues was the way of Praying in the Spirit.

I just discovered via an article written by John Piper on that Praying in the Spirit does not signify praying some special form of prayer such as Speaking in Tongues etc. Paul says in Eph 6:18 that we should “pray at all times” in the Spirit. In other words, all prayer should be “in the Spirit”. Praying in the Holy Spirit is not one form among several. It is the way of all prayer.
Praying in the Spirit denotes praying under the Motivation, enabling and guidance of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit might lead you to pray at a particular time, about a particular subject, in a particular way including praying in tongues or even just worshipping with psalms or with songs. But the key is to ensure that “…Prayer is made at all times with all Supplication in the Holy Spirit” Ephesians 6:18

I thank the Holy Spirit for leading me to this truth.